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Menu Translation Made Easy

The gastkulinar-highlights translation package for the hotel and catering industry is aimed at all hotel and catering businesses. From the small cafeteria to the large hotel chain. Benefit from the advantages of our popular translation package:

  • Save time and money
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Get ideas for new dishes
  • Ready translated and ready to print

All dishes are stored in Microsoft Excel format and sorted by category (in alphabetical order). You have over 500 dishes from international cuisine, fine dining, and traditional German cuisine at your disposal. Through this large selection of different dishes and gastronomic terms, you will receive very useful and helpful suggestions for the design of your menu as well as your daily lunch offers. All dishes can be easily put together as desired. < /br>The gastkulinar-highlights® translation package for the hotel and catering industry includes:

  • German <> Spanish
  • German <> English
  • German <> French
  • German <> Spanish <> English
  • German <> Spanish <> English <> French
  • Our main ingredient: Experience

15th Anniversary Thank You Offer Price:

You can get the gastkulinar-highlights translation package for only 425,00€

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