Consulting for the gastronomy and hotel industry

Consulting for gastronomy and hotel businesses at the same level. We actively help to implement the developed concepts in a practical way.

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Welcome to gastkulinar-highlights®

Gastkulinar-highlights® stands for creativity, individuality and craftsmanship. Gastkulinar-highlights® was founded in 2008 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Our services are individually tailored to our customers.

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Concepts & Pre-Opening Consulting

We are there for you. Whether hotel, restaurant, large kitchen catering, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, cafeteria, snack bar, bar, café store, or discotheque. Together we develop a new concept within a few days. We have high quality special concepts for vacation, a hotels with all-inclusive concepts and hotels with 3 to 5 stars.

  • Finding concept before the opening
  • Further development of existing concepts
  • Increase quality and reduce costs

Private Cooking

Festive dinner at your home or in your vacation home. Show cooking at the table of your guests is our specialty and absolutely unique feature. The entire menu is prepared at the table in front of the guest, flambéed, carved or filleted. Cocktails as an aperitif are also prepared at the table and the red wine is decanted with Aromium carafe. Your guests can closely follow and enjoy the drama of the dishes preparation and the moderation.

  • Show-Cooking am Tisch Ihrer Gäste
  • unique concept
  • individually according to your wishes
Private Cooking

Menu translations for over 500 dishes

Detailed description of the dishes, dish name, method of preparation, added sauces, complementary and filling side dishes, salad side dish, and type of garnish.

Menu translations for over 500 dishes